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Gio's Autism Awareness with Rhys Jenkins

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Rhys Jenkins comes to Giovanni's office in order to give us some tips about his new business project.
Being autistic is a condition, not an illness.

As he says: "A video of a man who’s seeking to change the world…"

Hi my name is Rhys Jenkins and I’m a 24 year old autism ambassador from Swansea originally, I’m a man on a mission and that mission is to improve and further society’s understanding and awareness of an important condition called autism. Autism is a lifelong developmental disorder which affects the development of a person’s brain, in a sense it affects anything a person can do. This condition is both life and society changing. When you consider that this condition could have affected the way people like Einstein and Steve Jobs processed and thought about life you can pretty much guess just what potential can be opened by learning more about this condition. To fulfil this mission I’m aiming to develop my own business and becoming an accomplished public speaker. The business in question aims to provide training for organisations to understand how autism can affect people, recruitment services so that people with autism can benefit any sector and any organisation and finally consultancy for those who’s lives involve autism in any way. Please share the following video and hopefully we can promote further awareness and understanding of this unique condition. Thank you very much for your time and feel free to use the following links if anyone has a question that I can help with.

Rhys Jenkins was born in 1991, he was diagnosed with semantic pragmatic disorder at the age of 3 which led on to a diagnosis of autism at age 16. He has a solid educational background of 9 GCSEs, 3 A levels, a LLB Hons Law degree (2:2 hons) from Cardiff University and an MSc (Masters in science) qualification in autism and related conditions from Swansea University.

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